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Aged Care Centres

We are all aware that animals provide a number of health benefits when they are part of aged care homes, both in terms of pet therapy sessions and general day-to-day interaction with residents. The presence of an animal can reduce feelings of anxiety, and depression for people living in aged care homes. The act of stroking a pet encourages calmness and boosts morale. Our visit brings back memories, that they once experienced or have never experienced in their life time.  We bring the animals to you.


A close encounter animal experience is great for all ages, from Childcare, Schools/OSHC. To touch, learn and have fun from close encounters with animals leading to empathy, respect for all creatures and nature. Our close encounters help to stimulate children to develop an awareness of the needs of animals.  We can help with pet care, teaching children about responsibilities of owning a pet, which can get children off the computer and outside with nature.

When children interact with animals, a lot of great qualities come out.  A close encounter of animals, builds the important feelings of connection, empathy and caring. Our visit helps with children who do not get the opportunity to own a pet or have no animals near them. All this teaches children that animals are living and make up an important part of our world. 

Staff/Family Day Events/Special Events & Mental Health Awareness

Why not offer your staff day, special event something different? Whilst people are talking, sharing each other’s company we offer a hands-on touch, learn, fun time with over 15 species of animals for you?  This helps with connecting with each other, the animals and the environment, offering some education, and can helps people get over some of their fears, as well as some great ‘animal therapy’ to everyone at the same time.

Egg hatching Programme

We offer a unique hatching programme with quail eggs, something different from the normal chook eggs, which we can also supply if you require.  Watching a chick break out is always fascinating for everyone to see. Taking ownership of the little chicks, feeding and watching the chicks develop over the five days can be very beneficial for everyone.  Always educational, fun to watch.

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