Meet the Animals

New animal therapy initiative to be launched in WA

Two former Perth Zoo-Keepers have joined forces to create a ‘mobile close encounter animal experience’ to unite people with animals so that they can gain empathy, reduce stress, and benefit from the close, personal relationships, which arise from ‘animal therapy’.

Rhonda and her partner Mike are both long-term former Zoo Keepers, who have years of experience working with birds, mammals, both native and exotic and reptiles.

Says Rhonda: “Working with animals is a privilege and Mike and I are passionate about animals and their environment. We love to see the joy a close animal counter brings to people. We want to offer more people the opportunity to have the amazing comfort of the interaction with animals.  This will provide a range of positive reactions and some amazing therapy to anyone, any culture at any age”. 

“We hear parents say they would like to see their kids off the computer and outside, then why not give them some responsibilities with ownership of animals.  This can be achieved with any animal.  We offer advice on which pet is suitable for the family and the care that is needed.”

She adds that with ‘Animal Therapy’, “through unconditional love with no judgement, touching, observing these animals, we can reach out to people to gain empathy, compassion and learn respect for the animal kingdom. We find that people benefit by reduced anxiety, stimulation, happy memories, and much more healing, that we all need in this stressful life.”

“After we left the Perth Zoo in 2016, we successfully ran an egg hatching education programme around Perth, for schools, age care, libraries, childcare and other events.

We discovered a great need for animal therapy for many people in different walks of life.  We were often asked, if we had any other animals, or talks, we could deliver, which gave us the idea to start up ‘Meet the Animals’.

 “Meet the Animals” has a good variety of mammals, birds and reptiles, for a close animal encounter experience. We also will be delivering a weekly 5-day egg hatching education programme, with a difference.

All our experiences make it perfect for aged care, childcare, special needs, home schooling, birthdays, group activities, events for any person or organisation, such as mental health awareness fund raising, Alzheirmer’s WA, Prisons, Silver Chain and much more.

We will be taking bookings through our website from the 1st December 2019 onwards, so please drop us an email with any prices, dates enquiries you have.

“Meet the Animals” supports, R U OK? and Beyond Blue, by wearing the Steel Blue WA Boots.

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