Make your next gathering one to remember with some of the coolest, reptiles.  Learn about these amazing creatures in a safe and controlled environment, by touch, learn, feel happy experience.  Make sure you take plenty of photos as proof, that you got up close, touched and possibly got over any fears.

Farm Animals

Make your next gathering different, with have some friendly farm animals, from a gentle alpaca, some chicks, and a cheeky donkey, actually we bring the whole menagerie to your next function or group therapy. Have a happy time by touch, learn, fun experience with these farm yard buddies.


After something a little different, how about getting up close to a magnificent and cheeky Red-Tailed Black Cockatoo, or a colourful Rainbow Lorikeet.  Our birds are sure to liven up your next event.  Or maybe get up close to a beautiful majestic Barn Owl, find out more about these incredible creatures.

Other Animals

We have a lot of species here on the farm, from emus, peacocks, and turkeys.  We take out all sorts of pets for people to get up close to. Learning, by holding a very cuddly rabbit can be great therapy from all the stress in life. Guinea pigs and mice are often very popular, together with ‘Walking the Ferrets and holding cute tiny chicks.  We have a selection of wildlife animals from frogs and spiders that you can also get up close to and discover more about our amazing animals we have here in Australia.

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